Camozzi Spa gets the Authorized Economic Operator Full Certification

The Customs Administration has authorized Camozzi to perform all import and export bureaucratic operations in its premises through the domiciliation procedure, making the supply chain process smarter and more secure.

On the 30th of November 2011, the Central Tax Management and Customer Relations Office and the Customs Regimes Office of the Customs Bureau have given Camozzi SpA the highest customs reliability and safety award (IT AEOF 110489).

The Authorized Economic Operator Full title (AEOF) identifies us in all respects as safe and reliable customs partners. This enhances and distinguishes our company from the competition by placing it in a specific position on the international supply chain, enabling greater dynamism in import and export trade which result in precise and definite delivery timetables that are clearly a competitive advantage.

The audit on site was conducted by the "AEO Customs Office of Brescia" team which had to verify all the requirements. The team assessed customs compliance, financial solvency, appropriate safety standards and suitable bookkeeping standards.

All through this process Camozzi SpA has been counting on the support of Easyfrontier Ltd, a consulting firm specialized in customs matters, which has greatly contributed in achieving certification. Easyfrontier coordinated the internal inspection activities and optimized the process by allowing Camozzi to appear in front of the customs authorities with the required standards.
Camozzi can boast to be one of the first industries in the province of Brescia to be awarded the status of Authorised Economic Operator. This enables the company to enjoy the related benefits, such as lesser customs inspections and priority non-AEO shipments.
Authorized Economic Operator status is recognized by all EU Nations and, within the year, we are expecting the signing of mutual recognition agreements with the similar U.S. C-TPAT certification as well as that of many other countries in the world.